3 Benefits Of Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics will fit the bill if you suffer from knee, back, or foot pain. While off-the-shelf insoles provide some relief, they don't offer the particular benefits you need. On the other hand, prescribed custom orthotics do more than resolve foot pain issues. 

Take a closer look at the benefits of custom orthotics. 

Relieve Pain

You can find orthotic inserts online, at kiosks, or at retail stores that provide some cushion and comfort in your shoes. Sadly, these inserts can't relieve pain effectively. However, if a podiatrist prescribes and designs orthotics for you, the pain in your ankle, shins, knees, or feet will decrease significantly. 

Custom orthotics also alleviate the discomfort that comes when you walk or stand for long periods, especially in people with bunions or fallen arches.

Podiatrists first need to scan and assess your arches to create custom orthotics for you. They also consider bodyweight distribution on your feet to ensure less tissue strain and more relief in ways ordinary inserts can't provide. 

Correct Foot Deformities

In most cases, structural foot abnormalities are to blame for foot pain. Unfortunately, the readily available over-the-counter solutions can't treat foot abnormalities. Some generic inserts feature labels such as moldable or custom. Such labels shouldn't fool you because generic inserts can't stabilize your joint or improve foot function.

Custom orthotics can treat medical conditions like bunions. A bunion is a bony lump that develops outside your big toe. This foot deformity causes shoes to fit irregularly. If you have a bunion, your foot doctor can design a wide toe box that reduces pressure on your big toe. 

Podiatrists also use custom orthotics to correct high arches. High arches stress feet muscles and cause knee pain, shin splints, or plantar fasciitis. With custom-made inserts, your feet will not roll too much outward or inward. 

Enhance Athletic Performance

Foot abnormalities can hamper your athletic performance, whether you are an established sportsman or just starting. Custom orthotics perfectly align your leg, foot, and body so that you can optimize your athletic performance without fear of injuries. 

With custom orthotics, you will enjoy your cycling adventures more. If you are a basketball player, a skater, a runner, or a golfer, orthotics allow you to meet the demands of your favorite sport problem-free. 

For instance, orthotics give you an easy time with your gait and stride if you are a runner. They also boost your propulsion, so your legs move faster and efficiently. Furthermore, orthotics provide balance to your feet and stability to your ankles, so you don't get tired quickly. 

If you suffer from any foot pain or discomfort, consider custom orthotics. Schedule a consultation with someone like Advanced Foot Clinic in your area.