6 Reasons Not To Wear Your Favorite High-Heels Today

As glamorous and fashionable as high-heels may look, you could be doing yourself some real damage over time. Ask your podiatrist how many of the foot problems they see are related to the shoes people wear and you might be surprised. Unfortunately, these stylish and shapely shoes you can't leave home without are likely leaving their mark all over your body. Here's why you really shouldn't wear them too often:

1. The Burden To Your Back

Your back is forced into an abnormal curve when you wear heels, leading to aches and pains and even scoliosis, a permanent deformation.

2. Toe Terror

Your poor little toes, squished into those pointy shoes, could sustain all kinds of terror. From ingrown toenails, where the nail digs deep into skin, rather than extending outward in a normal pattern, to hammer toe, a condition where your toe joints are bent way out of place, poor choices in shoes lead to all kind of toe issues. Eventually, your toes will cramp up, if they haven't already and that constant constraint leaves your toes numb and vulnerable. Morton's Neuroma is an unpleasant nerve-pinching situation that far too many podiatrists are treating unnecessarily - all mostly due to poorly-designed and poorly-fitting shoes.

3. Ankle Risks

When you're walking around off balance, you're more likely to sprain your ankle, if you haven't already encountered this precarious scenario.

4. Disappearing Natural Foot Cushions

Important parts of your feet can start to wear away when you wear heels day after day, including the foot cushioning (fat) that works so hard to keep the bottom of your feet comfortable. Have you already started feeling more discomfort when you walk barefoot, especially when you first wake up in the morning? Speak with your podiatrist soon, as this is not something you want to take chances on. The sooner you understand the problems you're inadvertently creating with heels, the sooner you can do something about it.

5. Leg Cramps

Wearing heels for too long at once can actually decrease the length of some of your leg muscles. This unnatural warping may leave you with temporary cramps or permanent pain, depending on what shoes you've been wearing and for how long.

6. Posture Problems

Because high heels force your spine into a new curve, you could develop long-term posture problems. Posture is something many people already have trouble with; thus, you don't want to add to the issue with more complications. Find shoes that don't hurt you and start working on the posture you need for a stronger, healthier and less painful body.

Talk to a podiatrist about the problems you're having with your feet and they're very likely going to recommend a change of shoes. Maybe you can find a happy-medium pair, where you like the way you look, but aren't doing any harm to your body by wearing them. If worst comes to worst, make the decision to do what's best for your feet, rather than your fashion sense. Feet are far too important to take for granted or to take any chances with. Visit a site like https://www.familyfootcenter.net/ for more help.