3 Popular Types of Cosmetic Foot Surgery

If you do not like how your feet look, you are not alone. Enough people don't like how their feet look that there is an entire field of cosmetic surgery dedicated to changing how your feet look. The three most popular types of cosmetic foot surgery are toe slimming, toe shortening, and toe tucks. Here is a little bit more information about each of these three popular types of cosmetic foot surgery.

1. Toe Slimming

It can be hard to lose weight in specific parts of your body, which is why procedures such as tummy tucks are so popular and why so many women get breast implants. It can be hard to control where the fat goes in your body, even when you intentionally try to lose or gain weight. This is true with your feet as well. If you have lost weight, but your toes still look a little too fat, it can be tough to lose weight in your feet. Toe slimming is a simple procedure where fat is removed from your toes. This can make your feet more attractive and can allow you to fit into smaller shoes as well.

2. Toe Shortening

When you look at your toes, do you have one toe that seems to be longer than all the rest? Do you have a toe that is really long and just seems to stand out in every pair of open-toed shoes that you put on? Do you have a toe that makes it hard for any shoe to fit you right?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, toe shortening surgery may be right for you. With this surgery, bones are removed from your toe in order to shorten it, so that all of your toes are the "right" length.

3. Toe Tucks

A toe tuck is a procedure that is performed on your pinky toe. If you feel like your pinky toe is always getting pinched when you wear shoes, this could be the right surgery for you. This surgery is a minor surgery which tucks in your toe so that you can more easily fit into shoes. Women often like to get this surgery in order to more comfortably wear heels.

If there is something that you don't like about your feet, you may be able to change what you dislike about your feet with cosmetic foot surgery. You can have fat removed from your toes to slim them down. You can have bones removed from a toe in order to shorten it. You can have your pinky toe tucked in to make wearing shoes more comfortable. These are just some of the most popular cosmetic toe surgeries; there are other options as well.