4 Conditions That Can Benefit From Orthotics

Orthotics are devices that go into your shoes and provide you with support. Orthotics can be as simple as arch support that you put in your shoes, or it can be a custom-made mold that is designed to keep your foot in a particular position. Orthotics are designed to give you the support you need for your feet during your everyday life or while you are engaging in sports.  

Orthotics can help people with a variety of different conditions and ailments. 

Condition #1: Bony Feet

Properly structured feet have a soft layer of tissue that is really strong right under the skin. In some people, this soft tissue layer can become overworked, and the soft tissue layer will dissipate, leaving the bottom of your foot without the soft cushioning skin that it used to have. When you have bony feet, you are going to want to wear a custom orthotic that has a lot of foam and will help cushion your insole when you walk. Consider a high-quality insole made of sturdy foam.  

Condition #2: Over-Pronation 

When the arches of your feet roll inward, a condition that is known as over-pronation, your knees and hips do not align properly due to the way that your feet turn inward. When you wear an orthotic that is made for over-pronation, the orthotic will help give you the support on your arches to straighten out your feet, which will help relieve the pain in both your knees and hips.  

Condition #3: Insufficient Ankle Flexion

Not everyone's ankles move in the same way. If your ankle is a little stiff and doesn't raise up when it should and move smoothly, adding the right orthotic to your shoes can help your ankle move as it should when your foot moves, and get your heel in the right place.  

Condition #4: Claw Toes

If you have claw toes, there are devices that can be custom made for you out of a silicone rubber that is molded over your feet. The orthotic will help straighten out your claw toes over time. It is a really simple, non-surgical way to straighten out your toes and get them straight. You will have to work with your podiatrists to create custom orthotics and to adjust them as your toes slowly move into the right place. 

Orthotics are designed to help provide your feet and your body with the support that it needs. Orthotics can help with a variety of different conditions, from bony feet to back pain. For more information, contact a company like Scola Podiatry today.