Signs Your High Arches Need Foot And Ankle Clinic Care

A normal arch should have a small curvature in the foot to allow for greater movement and balance and to also help move the pressure placed on the feet appropriately. When you have a high arch, you have what is considered the opposite of a flat arch; instead of having an arch that is abnormally flat and imbalanced, you have an arch that is abnormally high and imbalanced.

A high arch is not always a serious medical concern, although it is rarer than flat feet and often caused by bone or nerve conditions. If you have a high arch, you should have a foot and ankle clinic specialist to turn to when you need assistance and your feet cause you discomfort. Here are signs you need to have your high arches addressed at a foot and ankle clinic.

Your feet burn when wearing shoes

When you wear shoes that are not supportive of your high arch, then your feet can feel like they are burning or being stretched when wearing shoes, particularly high heels that cause you to walk largely on the balls of your feet. The reason for this pain is the lack of support under your straining arch, which puts pressure on the muscles and tendons there.

If you have a severe high arch, then you may have a harder time finding shoes in the first place, making you even more uncomfortable when wearing any type of shoe. Your foot and ankle clinic specialist will assist you in a few ways: first by having you fitted for an arch support that you can wear with all your shoes and secondly by educating you on finding appropriate shoes with the right arches and toe boxes to keep your feet comfortable.

Your toes are starting to change

Your toes can be affected by having a high arch. Hammertoes and claw toes are common afflictions associated with a high arch, and if these toe changes are not addressed soon enough, they can stiffen to the point where the only correction solution possible is surgery.

If your feet hurt while you are standing, you have to shift your weight often to keep the pressure off burning arches, your toes are starting to curl inward or downward, or your foot pain is worsening, see your foot doctor right away. After an X-ray, they can help you get fitted for foot and toe supports that can help your arch out and give you the comfort you need.